Sunday, March 27, 2011

He's Dead... I Know that.

This can't be Jeff.
Jeff died.

I have his remains hanging around my neck.
But he's here.

He looks the same, speaks the same.
Knows the same things. Acts the same way.

He said he came back to help us.
He said it was too early to die.

I'm not sure I believe him.

But... I did something horrible today.

I killed a proxy.
I had to...

She was working for Arpeggio and Cadence.

She...they know I'm looking out for them.

I didn't know what else to do.

Jeff's... Jeff understood why I had to...
He understood everything...

Maybe I should just be happy he's back...
He's disappointed though...

And he wants me to come to bed...
Goodnight, everyone.



  1. Cheska, think. This guy may be a delusion or someone pretending to be Jeff.

    You simply cannot trust him.

  2. Like I said, Cheska, you need to find someone to travel with. Someone who can tell you if you're hallucinating or not, and who can tell you what you're really seeing.

    Be careful.