Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Boy, Little Boy...

...Are you missing your mommy?

Jeff's been telling me about what happened to him.

He doesn't blame me...

He's held my hand and taken me places.

Everyone stares...

They don't understand us...

Jeff...Jeff came back.

for me.

for us.


I still miss him. 

Everyone thinks he's dead.

he isn't dead. he isn't dead.

he's right here....



  1. Cheska, sweetheart... you need to find someone to travel with. Another runner, someone other than Jeff. Arrange to meet up with someone here on the blogs, it doesn't matter who. Just find someone to travel with, to focus on. As soon as you possibly can.

  2. Oh, super fucking duper.

    Jeff is dead, Cheska. Dead. Dead dead dead. You saw him die.

    Stop. This.

  3. Cheska, I'm sorry to say this but Jeff's dead. You saw him die. If he isn't dead, then why hasn't he been posting on his blog?

    Cheska, please... focus. Remember what He (Slender Man) can do; he can make things appear real that are not real. Please! You've got Arpeggio and Cadence after you; now is NOT a good time to lose your head!

    ...Wake up, Cheska...

  4. I'd be happy about this without the mad laughter, for how great would it be for him to be alive; I'd be understanding about this without the mad laughter, for you can never really truly lose someone if you love them; had him cremated, didn't you? If a Jeff comes back, it's not going to turn out good.

  5. Cheska, I don't think we've met. I'm Stella Mackenzie. Perhaps better known as "Tenebria"/that bitch who tried to Hannibal Lecture Chester and Genevieve. I probably should have spoken to you earlier, considering you and Chester and Genevieve were quite close friends.

    Wake up, Cheska. You saw Jeff die. I understand what it's like to lose somebody who was everyone to you, but you have to keep your head. Concentrate on dealing with Cadence and Arpeggio. Hallucination Jeff can hang around, whatever, but remember that he isn't real and is probably a manifestation of perhaps your conscience, or your desire to see Jeff again.

    Please, Cheska. Genevieve and Chester...they wouldn't want to see you like this...