Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh God...

Hello Everyone
Cheska Here.


The cure...
It's not working...

I don't know.
It stopped...

It just stopped.

I...I read Vivi and Chester's latest post.
It's happened to them too.

I don't know what's going on.
I...Jeff...I think that's why it stopped.

He didn't know.

His blood was in the cure.
He died and it stopped working.

All of it is worthless now.

What do we do?



  1. FUCK

    damnit what are we going to do?


  2. oh hell.

    of course, this begs the question; why Jeff's blood? Why did only his blood work?


  3. He was a Revenant, Scott.
    His blood was strong.

    It could honestly work with other proxy blood, but Jeff knew his was special.

    He was an uncontrollable Revenant, so he thought his immunity could be spread.

    It seems like that was the case.


  4. We need to find a new cure somehow. Before it's too late.

    But the question is; how?

  5. Well this is a very bad thing.

    Has nothing good happened in the last week?

  6. this is just a guess, but... would Sandra's blood have a similar effect?

    Jeff apparently thought his blood would spread his immunity, and apparently Sandra has a similar "immunity", right?

    although it does raise the question: why would Jeff's death cause the cure to suddenly be useless?

  7. My guess would be that his immunity being shared was somehow metaphysical in nature. Blood magick, blood sacrifice, blood bonds. As clich├ęd as it has become in popular culture, blood throughout the centuries has been acknowledged as one of the most powerful forces we have.

    And using that as a starting point, I would say that using someone else's blood is not the best way to go. Because what happens if Sandra's blood works, but then she dies as well? Even without malevolent entities coming at us, human beings don't live forever.

    Forgive my negativity. Finding another cure needs to happen. But now that we know using the immunity from a person is temporary, the best bet would be to work on finding a more permanent solution.

    Let's brainstorm folks. If blood was able to work, what other objects/forces might work as well?

  8. I knew it was too good to be true. Fuck it.

  9. Blood is about as good as you can get. At the same time though, the great trick about magic like this is that if you can find something CLOSE ENOUGH, you could make it work. Now, I've seen some great ritualists take components I would not expect would work, jam them together, and find an ingredient that lets them bridge the gap to make it work.

    That said, I'm not a ritualist. Ritual magic is something I avoid like the plague. BUT, what I think you're missing that would be all you'd need is something to bridge the gap. The first part would, of course, be your blood. The bond you had with Jeff in life would be enough to create the first part, Cheska.

    If you can find that special thing that lets you bridge the gap between your blood, and Jeff's blood, you've got a working cure. It's about love, curing the proxies needs to be about love, and if you can find that special something to bridge the gap between your blood and Jeff''re good to go.

    Suggestions for bridging the gap:
    1: Blessing the contents of the cure using the gem made from Jeff's ashes as a ritual tool. Bam. There you go, that's some potent symbolism right there, that's canned magic baby, NOW we're cooking with gas. It's the PERFECT tool for calling on his spirit and eternal soul to alter the nature of the blood you put in the mix. If done by Cheska herself, you've got yourself a classic work-around. I don't know how good a ritualist you are Cheska, but even if you can't pull this one off, I bet you can find someone to make the Work-around work.

    2: (The Colonel's Seven Herbs and Spices.) Ignoring the joke in parenthesis, there are a LOT of plants and herbs which have been used to ward off evil over the years. Your Blood + Holy Herb/Spice MIGHT be an effective work-around. Personally, I'd combine THIS with possibility 1 for maximum efficiency.

    3: ... I don't know. I'm not a ritualist. I could run it by some friends of mine. @_@

    Admittedly, none of this takes into account the fact that I'm just talking about stopgaps. If something happens to Cheska or the gem, I don't know what you'd do to get another cure. If I run into any proxies I'll experiment with what I know to see if any of it can work as a cure.

    Unfortunately, that would only help if I'm not insane, and if I could find a way to make it possible for everyone. @_@

    So yeah. I got nothing in the way of new ideas. Sorry. >_<